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Thursday, Jul 30, 2015
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Letters to the editor, May 7

Published:   |   Updated: May 9, 2014 at 10:39 AM

Victim ignored

Last week the news on CNN was about a convicted murderer in Oklahoma given a lethal injection that took about 43 minutes before he was pronounced dead. All the media showed people saying how cruel, terrible and inhuman this was.

There was, however, not one word said about the victim. This criminal was convicted of burying a woman while she was alive. How long did she suffer? More than 43 minutes?

Why was nothing said about the victim?

Vincent Oliverio


Who’s biased?

In response to an April 26 op-ed page column by two authors promoting a book, a letter writer responded May 3 that these authors are biased, based on who they work for, and further stated they cherry-picked the information they present on the Florida economy. The letter writer went to say after doing his own research he found how Florida ranks in various categories and the stats not very good.

The problem is two-fold: The authors’ research for their book was limited mostly to the impact on state economies that have no state income tax vs. those that do. The second problem is that the letter writer shows his bias by only giving current stats in Florida on a multitude of categories, which tells me nothing on how to rate Gov. Rick Scott’s performance.

In order to not be biased, he should have also given the stats when the governor took office in 2010 vs. the present. Doing so would give him and all who read his letter a better perspective on whether Scott has been a success or failure in his first four years as governor. I do agree with the letter writer that Floridians should conduct their own research and go to the polls in November informed. We can no longer afford to put people in office who have little or no experience in anything other than politics. We simply must consider things other than that they are good speakers, good looking or have other superficial attributes, such as name recognition.

Sharon Lam