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Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015
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Letters to the editor, March 1


FDOT’s listening

The Florida Department of Transportation received a proposal from a private company to build elevated express lanes above the State Road 54-56 corridor from U.S. 19 to U.S. 301. At this time, the private company has been approved to study only the feasibility of the project. This includes determining the impacts to surrounding communities.

In the second part of this process, the public is being encouraged to voice their opinions about the project at one or more of three public meetings that will be held along the corridor.

At each of these meetings residents will have the opportunity to get a better idea of what the proposed project could look like. The meetings will take place this summer.

Based on public input, alternatives will be considered. The current concept could be revised to incorporate more of a ground-level facility, sections of the project could be omitted, or the choice could be made to not build the proposed project.

FDOT will not move forward with any proposal without public support and a resolution by the Pasco County Commission endorsing a specific project proposal. In short, your voice matters.

Kris Carson


The writer is the public information officer for District Seven of the Florida Department of Transportation.

Are we doomed?

The Spanish writer and philosopher George Santayana said those who can’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Re-electing our current president was proof of that.

An uninformed public, along with those who think the government is giving them a free ride, is now getting their just reward: the Affordable Care Act, which was a back-room deal brought to us by the most transparent government ever, according to our president. The cost of my wife’s affordable care just tripled. My boss’ wife’s health insurance just went up $100 a month. My son’s insurance also went up.

So much for affordable care and transparency.

With another presidential election on the horizon, will Americans continue to be doomed?

Kevin J. Moore