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Letters to the editor, Jan. 22

Published:   |   Updated: January 24, 2014 at 02:09 PM

Too heavy a toll

Isn’t it amazing that the same Pasco County commissioners who gave their provisional blessings to a private company building an elevated toll road along the State Road 54-56 corridor, have no idea about the collateral damage such a structure will cause to Pasco County’s rural appeal and property values?

I didn’t move to Pasco County because of its easy commute, but because of its slower pace and scenic beauty. Building an elevated highway would ruin what was once a paradise and replace it with a clone of the Hillsborough-Pinellas urban metropolis.

Anyone who has lived in proximity to a big city “El” knows its destructive powers. Just drive down U.S. 19 to Clearwater and see for yourself.

Thomas M. Andersen


Not socialists

Will the proudly ignorant people who repeatedly refer to all Democrats as “socialists” and our current government as “socialism” please take note: Socialism is an economic and political arrangement under which the state or the “collective” owns and controls all means of production and distribution of goods.

Under socialism, there is no private property. No Democrat now in office has such an agenda.

Oligarchy, on the other hand, is when a small group of people control the government, especially for corrupt and selfish purposes. Given the disgraceful influence of money from a small group of people like the Koch brothers and other extremely wealthy organizations over our politics, the United States is by definition an oligarchy. See also plutocracy — government by the wealthy. Take your pick.

This is the society with which Republicans and conservatives have aligned. Capitalism and the wealthy few must not be restrained, even if it puts the rest of the population in poverty.

As for the writer who predicts that voters will soon remove state Rep. Amanda Murphy’s “socialist carcass” from office, see above. She is not a socialist in any way, shape or form. Moreover, it is becoming clearer to voters that the interests of the Tea Party are at odds with almost every facet of Florida life.

Charles Stewart

New Port Richey


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