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Letters to the editor, Dec. 28

Published:   |   Updated: January 2, 2014 at 03:39 PM

Real inequality

The holiday season spirit was derailed by the misinformation campaign in Rich Lowry's Dec. 18 column on President Barack Obama's “war on inequality.”

He points to “dubious research” on income but doesn't explain why. He then uses a single study by the conservative Manhattan Institute to deny the growing income inequality of the past 30 years.

It is a fact that a major big box retailer relies on federal programs so its employees have access to food stamps, health care and other benefits. Yet its ownership sold $6 billion in stock options and kept the money.

The median CEO in banking receives $550,000 a year, while tellers start at $11,500. Those banks then watch as their workers must call on federal help as well.

The 1 percent have lobbied to spend less, keep more and then see their workers seek federal help to exist. There is no war being waged. Our veterans know what war is. There is inequity being perpetrated and those who can change it cannot shoot a spitball without hitting a lobbyist for big corporations.

Thomas Getzke


Epic failure

Regarding the letters to the editor from people declaring they are not staying away from the website, if only low-information voters would pay attention they would know security experts have already testified before a hearing on security concerns surrounding the website and stated that President Barack Obama's online insurance exchange is not only full of security risks, it has most likely already been compromised by hackers.

As for one writer saying people signing up for insurance through don't have to give sensitive personal information, when you enroll in Obamacare you are required to give your Social Security number.

And as for citing not liking President Obama as a reason some people are staying away from, it would be hard to think of a president who has been more of an epic failure than Barack Obama.

I think there is a lot of voters' remorse out there. I'm sorry you voted for him, too.

Janet Paus



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