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Saturday, Aug 01, 2015
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Letters to the editor, Aug. 16

Published:   |   Updated: August 15, 2014 at 03:26 PM

They’re not paying

Regarding the Aug. 6 Window on Pasco item “Developers Favor Fee Increase,” of course the developers are practically begging for Pasco County permit and inspection fees to be increased. They wouldn’t be paying them. The amount would be automatically included in the price they charge for a house.

Marti McCleary


Know-it-all Rich

Having read columns by Rich Lowry, I’m convinced that he deserves the presidency. He (allegedly) knows everything the United States needs in order to function perfectly. He should print bumper stickers saying: “Rich Lowry for President. He Knows It All.”

I suggest Rich stop the Obama bashing and tell the people what he really knows, if he actually knows anything. Talk is cheap, and he’s done more than necessary.

Now it’s time to act. “Rich Lowry for President. He Knows It All.”

Anthony Pizzuto


Go vegan

Two weeks ago the drinking water of 400,000 Toledo, Ohio, residents was fouled by animal waste. With unfettered growth of animal agriculture and ineffective discharge regulations, it will happen again in our own state.

Effective regulations to limit dumping of animal waste into water supplies have been blocked by the meat industry. Fortunately, everyone has the power to stop this outrage by saying ‘no’ to polluting meat and dairy products. Our local supermarket offers ample alternatives.

Entering “live vegan” in a search engine provides useful recipes and transition tips.

Herculates Turnbell

Weeki Wachee

Doubly bad

I have received my first bill for my medications since the VA prevented us from filling its prescriptions at our local supermarket. My VA bill was over double what I was paying before. My three prescriptions that I take once a day were filled for three months. One prescription had 180 pills (I take two of those each day), another had 45 pills (I am to cut those in half) and the other one had 90 pills, just like my local supermarket.

Paying twice as much for less. Typical of government involvement.

Gary Phillips

San Antonio