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Sunday, Aug 02, 2015
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Letters to the editor, April 9

Published:   |   Updated: April 9, 2014 at 09:24 AM

Garbage approach

The New Port Richey City Council has proposed raising the fine for littering to $500 from $30. This heavy-handed authoritarian approach is not going to solve the trash problem. The illegal dumping is a symptom of their ill-functioning system.

Letting landlords off free, and snowbirds pay for half a year, while expecting someone who is working a minimum-wage job to pay inflated collection fees doesn’t work. Waste companies waste gas with two customers on a block. Dozens of heavy trucks are tearing up the same residential streets.

The County Commission should award contracts to specific areas to reduce costs, road damage and emissions, and collect property tax to pay for it. Two large collections included in every yearly trash service will completely solve residential dumping.

Instead of a long expensive ride out to the dump and charging fees, why not have free local collection and recycling sites for contractors? Expecting volunteers to fill trash bins is ridiculous.

Pasco residents are being charged exorbitant fees, breathing polluted air, driving in pot holes and living in a dump, because of bad governance!

Kristen Lawver


Missing out

The Affordable Care Act was conceived to be a safety net for those under the poverty level, students struggling with costs, and the thousands who suffer catastrophic illness rejected by insurance companies.

People desperately poor with no chance for health coverage are in our midst by the millions. They still can be rejected for health care in states, including Florida, that rejected federal Medicaid expansion funds. Without Medicaid dollars, a person must have earnings of $11,969 a year before the health care safety net can allow doctors to get paid. For those beyond these earnings but without health insurance, a 1 percent penalty against earnings will be levied.

People who can pay have about $1,000 added to their hospital bills to pay for those who can’t. I know of one poor person who racked up more than $280,000 in hospital and doctor costs in an emergency and was too poor to pay.

Deron Mikal


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