Friday, Nov 21, 2014
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Market meddling

In a development that should cheer the folks in Detroit — especially those who run the United Auto Workers — Ford announced it was adding 850 jobs at its assembly plants in Dearborn, Michigan. About the only folks who weren't cheering wer...
Published: 10/22/14

Florida should close health care gap

There are over 160,000 people in the Tampa Bay area in a predicament that can't be logically explained: They make too much money to qualify for Medicaid and too little for subsidized health insurance on the federal insurance exchange. They are in wha...
Published: 10/22/14

Letters to the editor, Oct. 22

Refugees welcomed
Published: 10/22/14

The god that failed

Alison Lundergan Grimes is the Todd Akin of 2014. Like the instantly notorious Republican Senate candidate from Missouri, Grimes has committed a defining political gaffe. Grimes' refusal to say that she voted for President Barack Obama in the 2008 an...
Published: 10/22/14

A whole new meaning to ‘fathead’

As if we don’t have enough to worry about, scientists are positing that bacteria and other microbes bivouacking in our bodies may have a dark side.
Updated: 1 months ago

Future shock

Note to Pasco County’s webmaster: It may be time for a bit of an overhaul.
Updated: 1 months ago

Letters to the editor, Oct. 18

Expand Medicare
Updated: 1 months ago

A cheat sheet for the clerk’s 2015 essay contest

Pasco Clerk and Comptroller Paula O'Neil's second annual essay contest for Pasco County fifth-graders — topic: “Why is the United States Constitution important?” — is all over except for the awards ceremony, which happens Tues...
Updated: 1 months ago

Something new?

After Kurt Browning trounced Heather Fiorentino in the 2012 Republican superintendent of schools primary — assuring he would win the job because his only general election opponent was a write-in candidate — one of his first acts was to na...
Updated: 1 months ago

Letters to the editor, Oct. 15

No appeal
Updated: 1 months ago

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