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Letters to the editor, Dec. 27

Dedicated helpers
Published: 12/31/14

Oil Year passes

The end of 2014 is nigh, and for our money, the thing for which this year should be remembered is not the “wave election” that, for good or ill, put the Republican Party in control of Congress. For our money we’re about to bid a ...
Published: 12/31/14

A ‘short’ Christmas tale

“Rumplemintz! This is the fifth year of unrest here at the North Pole, and right when we elves are busiest wrapping presents and sorting out the naughty kids from the nice ones. Demonstrators are blocking traffic right down Santa Claus Lane, ly...
Published: 12/31/14

Letters to the editor, Dec. 24

Private property
Published: 12/31/14

Seasons Greetins

To all our loyal readers, both in print and online, we wish season’s greetings and happy holidays. It has been a pleasure to serve you during 2014, and we are looking forward to doing so again in 2015.
Published: 12/31/14

Situation in Venezuela bears close watching

President Barack Obama two weeks ago finally put aside his reservations and agreed to impose economic sanctions on Venezuelan politicians and their cronies who are believed to be responsible for their nation’s misdeeds. The sanctions came just...
Published: 12/31/14

Letters to the editor, Dec. 20

Ponds in danger  
Published: 12/31/14

Let’s consider the colorblind truth

Let's stipulate this at the top: Complaints against aggressive policing in predominately black communities are not without merit. Neither are they without recourse. Responsible agencies constantly review their tactics, strategies and engagement polic...
Published: 12/31/14

Amount of cash in politics frightening

The just-passed 2015 federal spending bill gives a pretty clear hint of just what Americans will be facing for the next two years as a result of the 2014 Republican election victories.
Published: 12/31/14

Still looking

It’s been more than 20 years since Pasco County began collecting a tax on hotel and motel rooms and other short-term rental accommodations. Ever since, county officials have been looking for a way to spend the portion of that tax revenue allot...
Published: 12/31/14

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