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Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015
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Think twice about ‘boots on the ground’

Are you seriously crazy? Well, at least two-thirds of you. An NBC News/Marist poll found 66 percent of Americans now support putting combat troops on the ground in Iraq to fight ISIS.
Published: 04/06/15

The Senate GOP 47 have no shame

Joseph Nye Welch was the head council for the United States Army under investigation during Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s Army-McCarthy hearings. McCarthy grilled a young Harvard lawyer. Welch commented to McCarthy, “Until this moment, Senator, ...
Published: 03/31/15

Taking the pledge

Who said people in government can’t work together? No, we don’t mean President Barack Obama and the prime minister of Israel. No, we’re talking about the troubled dealings between Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco and County Administrator M...
Published: 03/31/15

Letters to the editor, March 28

About power
Published: 03/31/15

Obama foreign policy bad, not amateurish

The socialist government in France usually doesn’t have much in common with congressional Republicans, for whom both France and socialism tend to be anathema. But the French, according to a Wall Street Journal report, are taking the toughest li...
Published: 03/31/15

Tom Cotton drops the truth bomb

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton hasn’t been frog-marched from the Russell Senate Office Building — yet. To believe the Arkansan’s harshest critics, that’s only because felonious traitors don’t get the punishment they deserve....
Updated: 1 months ago

Silly climate

Climate change. We repeat, climate change. Once more, with feeling, climate change.
Updated: 1 months ago

Letters to the editor, March 25

Try it on
Updated: 1 months ago

Minorities marginalized by Pasco charter board picks

Nationally and here in Florida, the Republican Party is working hard to prevent black folk from taking part in the voting process, by, among other things, implementing voter ID laws, reducing early voting, stopping “Souls to the Polls” mi...
Updated: 1 months ago

Time matters

The first bill approved during the 2015 legislative session sets March 15 as the date of the 2016 Republican presidential preference primary. Why does that matter? Because under Republican National Committee rules, March 15 is the earliest date the F...
Updated: 1 months ago