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Letters to the editor, April 2

Right to decide
Published: 04/02/14

Difference between disrespect, ogling

I begin with an apology: I'm not sure yet for what, but having been a male for seven-plus decades, I do know — when treading into women-stuff territory that some might say I have no business treading into, it's always best to start out seeking ...
Published: 04/02/14

We let bad guys dominate Latin American

Last month, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, announced that the Quadrennial Defense Review reflects the realities of a tired and broken U.S. military incapable of stopping escalation by our enemies. There goes deterrenc...
Published: 04/02/14

Schools teaching personal finance OK with me

It's almost never a good idea when the Legislature starts noodling with the requirements for a high school diploma — and by “noodling with” I mean “adding to” — as if Tallahassee owns some sort of blessed insight r...
Published: 03/28/14

No place for discrimination by religion

The current ploy by right-wing Christians to impose their beliefs on the rest of you, as exposed in the current case before the Supreme Court, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., and an associated case, is their insistence that unless they get thei...
Published: 03/28/14

Performance must matter in university funding

The Florida Board of Governors, which oversees the State University System, is working with the Legislature and the governor to secure additional dollars for higher education through a model known as “performance funding.” ...
Published: 03/28/14

Putting a white hood on Paul Ryan

What incorrigible racist said the following?
Published: 03/28/14

Letters to the editor, March 26

Listen to science
Published: 03/28/14

Pride and confidence

Has it gotten easier to fill the long-vacant job of New Port Richey city manager? We certainly hope so, if the reason is a dramatic turnaround in the city’s finances.
Published: 03/28/14

No pay-off

In a republican form of government, the elected legislators pass laws, members of the executive branch see that those laws are faithfully executed and the judiciary settles disputes over the interpretation and enforcement of those laws. This system o...
Published: 03/21/14

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