Friday, Sep 19, 2014
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Game on

Tuesday's primary marked the formal start to the 2014 gubernatorial election contest in Florida. The truth is, however, the two candidates, Republican incumbent Rick Scott and his Democrat challenger, former governor — and former Republican ...
Published: 09/02/14

Letters to the editor, Aug. 30

ACA working
Published: 09/02/14

How not to do ‘stupid stuff’

So Hillary Clinton thinks the Obama administration — you know the one she was part of for four years — has it all wrong regarding foreign policy. You know that thing she was in charge of for four years. ...
Published: 09/02/14

Climate professors and inconvenient truth

Climate professors finally got their audience with Gov. Rick Scott the other day, and even as such reliably evenhanded ญญ— cough, cough — political sites as the Daily Kos hailed the event as a “school(ing)” for Florida's chief...
Published: 09/02/14

Give a favorite former teacher a call

I wrote to my teacher, which sounds ordinary until you learn I'm 75 years old and my teacher is 100. And we're typical of today's seniors: older but active. You may have a teacher or two of senior status you recall with fond memories. Call her. I did...
Published: 08/26/14

Equal in guile

People convinced that no political party holds a monopoly on virtue or skullduggery had their view reinforced by what took place in a courtroom in the state capital this week.
Published: 08/26/14

Letters to the editor, Aug. 23

Speeding treatments
Published: 08/26/14

Let justice rule in Ferguson

Even if the police in Ferguson, Missouri, are the brutal occupying force alleged by the protesters there, what do local shop owners have to do with it? In the wake of the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in disputed circumstances last wee...
Published: 08/26/14

The leadership vacuum on Capitol Hill

When, as a people, do we admit we are leaderless? What are the final tipping points that wake us to the fact that Washington is populated by people who look out for themselves first, their party second, and the people last? ...
Updated: 1 months ago

Food stamps versus tax shelters

The prevailing notion of what poor people are like goes like this: They make bad life choices; can't control their urges; are shiftless and most likely druggies; and often reliant on others to give meaning to their lives. ...
Updated: 1 months ago

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