Monday, Jan 26, 2015
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The Year of the Couch Faint

The fainting couch doesn't have the same cachet it did in the 19th century, which is a shame, because it should be more in demand than at any time since the age of corsets and delicate sensibilities. ...
Published: 01/05/15

No simple cure

The death of Officer Charles Kondek of the Tarpon Springs Police Department while has was responding to a disturbance complaint and the slaying of two New York Police Department officers as they sat in their patrol car has rekindled discussions about...
Published: 01/05/15

Letters to the editor, Jan. 3

How many?
Published: 01/05/15

More energy good for the environment

Florida is home to wondrous natural resources delighting residents and tourists alike: sugar-white beaches, springs that support wildlife unique to this area, and natural preserves that are known throughout the world. ...
Published: 01/05/15

Dianne Feinstein’s probe travesty

The Senate Intelligence Committee spent roughly $50 million on its investigation into the CIA and apparently couldn’t find Michael Hayden’s phone number.
Published: 12/31/14

Doesn’t Obama get credit for oil price drop?

Oh, my, look at that!
Published: 12/31/14

Letters to the editor, Dec. 27

Dedicated helpers
Published: 12/31/14

Oil Year passes

The end of 2014 is nigh, and for our money, the thing for which this year should be remembered is not the “wave election” that, for good or ill, put the Republican Party in control of Congress. For our money we’re about to bid a ...
Published: 12/31/14

A ‘short’ Christmas tale

“Rumplemintz! This is the fifth year of unrest here at the North Pole, and right when we elves are busiest wrapping presents and sorting out the naughty kids from the nice ones. Demonstrators are blocking traffic right down Santa Claus Lane, ly...
Published: 12/31/14

Letters to the editor, Dec. 24

Private property
Published: 12/31/14

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