Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014
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Cat people

For many years, the rate at which unclaimed dogs and cats were being put to sleep at the Pasco Animal Services shelter in the Land O' Lakes area was a scandal, at least among animal rights advocates who want “no-kill” shelters. For years,...
Published: 08/05/14

Letters to the editor, Aug. 6

Enough said
Published: 08/05/14

Israelis to Kerry: Go Away

In his never-ending quest to win the far-left Nobel Peace Prize, John Kerry has deliberately put the security of the state of Israel at greater risk.
Published: 08/05/14

More right-wing economic myth

Is it any wonder President Barack Obama can’t catch a break when pundits regularly choose to garble history and rewrite economics in order to make their point?
Published: 08/05/14

The border crisis comes to West Pasco

As irritating as the mess on America's southern border has been, it was easy enough here in Florida to be regarded in the abstract. The surge of illegal immigrants from Central America, most of them unaccompanied minors, was Texas' problem, and Arizo...
Published: 08/01/14

The Middle East: Some context, please

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu justifies his missile barrage and invasion of Gaza by insisting that no country can allow itself to be targeted by thousands of rockets.
Published: 08/01/14

Letters to the editor, Aug. 2

Rough start
Published: 08/01/14

Peace at last

We wish the headline above applied to the situation in Ukraine or the Middle East, but for now we're happy to see a war, of the legal variety, has come to an end. The battle, however, again underscored some of the peculiarity of modern health care fi...
Published: 07/31/14

Wrong approach

One thing that can be said about President Barack Obama is that he has a jeweler's eye for the populist political pitch and he seems convinced he has found another: U.S. companies using “inversion” deals to shelter their earnings from the...
Published: 07/29/14

When morality is of no consequence

This month, the Hamas terrorist organization has fired more than 2,500 rockets at Israeli cities. That's more than one rocket every 10 minutes. With such a statistic, we easily forget that even one rocket fired unprovoked and indiscriminately at an u...
Published: 07/29/14

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