Friday, Nov 21, 2014
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Vote, if you haven’t

We are taking this opportunity to remind everyone that the 2014 general election will take place Nov. 4. This is a bit hackneyed because by now many people have already cast their ballots, thanks to early voting and expanded use of absentee ballots. ...
Published: 11/04/14

The job ahead

One of the big headlines of the week was the announcement from the Federal Reserve that it is ending its program of buying government bonds, dubbed quantitative easing. The Fed initially employed QE as a tool to keep the economy afloat following the ...
Published: 11/04/14

Letters to the editor, Nov. 1

Fasano: Go and pro
Published: 11/04/14

The courage of Brittany Maynard

(Editor’s note: This column was written before Brittany Murphy carried out her wish to end her life.)
Published: 11/04/14

Voter ID complaints just a turnout tool

When the Supreme Court rejected a petition to stop a Texas voter-ID law from going into effect for the midterms, the left commenced its wailing and gnashing of teeth. In her dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called the law “purposely discri...
Published: 11/04/14

So what’s the deal with Fasano?

With the 2014 general election looming, local Republicans almost can't help wondering what's gone wrong. Mike Fasano was once the image of the GOP in Pasco County, a 19-year member of the Legislature and, for the longest time, a fixture in the Republ...
Published: 11/04/14

Letters to the editor, Oct. 29

Memory precious
Published: 11/04/14

Pencils ready. Election quiz next

With the midterm election here, it's time for my annual scientific survey of voter hallucinations and psychoses. Please fill out the questionnaire and email it to tellsome onewhogivesadamn@ ...
Published: 11/04/14

Letters to the editor, Oct. 25

Published: 10/24/14

Stubborn fears

For much of the history of this country, immigrants have been viewed with suspicion, especially if they were not white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Over the years, Jews, Muslims, Asians, Irish, Italians and Latinos were among the groups that have been t...
Published: 10/24/14

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