Saturday, Jan 31, 2015
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Back to work

When wealthy former hospital executive Rick Scott began his 2010 campaign for governor, we thought he made a political tactical error when he pledged to create a stated number of jobs during the next four years. After he was elected, we thought he er...
Published: 01/13/15

Letters to the editor, Jan. 10

Simple choice
Published: 01/13/15

Pasco needs to elevate its road view

In a county where the peculiar is routine, 2014 nonetheless abounded with episodes ranging from astonishing to zany that left even veteran watchers scratching their heads. Not least among these was Pasco's dalliance with Florida 54 Express, a consort...
Published: 01/13/15

The deeper problem of street violence

Most Americans, black and white, are outraged, as am I, by the seemingly senseless violence, including the vicious murder of two New York City police officers, following police killings of black men.
Published: 01/13/15

Problems remain

A pair of developments suggests that the passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 did nothing to end the debate about how to finance health care in this country, and the role government should play.
Published: 01/09/15

Letters to the editor, Jan, 7

Two no trump
Published: 01/09/15

Anti-Cuba derangement in full spectacle

Who would have thought five years ago we’d be free to smoke a joint, marry our same-sex partner or soon fly off to Havana? Welcome to the 21st century.
Published: 01/09/15

From voting rights to legal segregation

The Florida NAACP, which has fought against legal segregation for more than a century, now endorses the practice when it comes to the drawing of congressional districts.
Published: 01/09/15

The Year of the Couch Faint

The fainting couch doesn't have the same cachet it did in the 19th century, which is a shame, because it should be more in demand than at any time since the age of corsets and delicate sensibilities. ...
Published: 01/05/15

No simple cure

The death of Officer Charles Kondek of the Tarpon Springs Police Department while has was responding to a disturbance complaint and the slaying of two New York Police Department officers as they sat in their patrol car has rekindled discussions about...
Published: 01/05/15

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