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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015
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Elephantine decision

There are a lot fewer certainties these days in the news business. For example, this week demolition crews finished the job of razing the former home of The Miami Herald. The building withstood the devastation Hurricane Andrew visited on South Florid...
Published: 03/09/15

Letters to the editor, March 7

For shame
Published: 03/09/15

Obama cultivates image that Guiliani faulted

Last we noticed, Democrats and the national media - but I repeat myself - were still sprawled upon their fainting couches, pearls clutched and murmuring their far-left rosary: racist, nativist, unhinged, birther, wingnut, Nazi, hater (repeat). ...
Published: 03/09/15

Living in the right-wing fact-free zone

I don't get exasperated at conservatives so much for what they say but at their tiresomeness. Whatever they hear on right-wing talk they simply regurgitate without so much as any inconvenient reflection getting in the way. It's like cut-and-paste ind...
Published: 03/09/15

Bipartisan bad ideas are still just bad ideas

Ordinarily, the fact of a caucus forming in Congress would scarcely be worth a headline, let alone a bunch of words wondering about the implications of the alliance. But the nascent Coastal Communities Caucus, founded by Dunedin Republican David Joll...
Published: 03/05/15

Israel’s criminality on display for Congress

Here we have Republicans, who squeal bloody murder at even the slightest smudge on American sovereignty, inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to blatantly meddle in American foreign affairs before a joint session of Congress. Does it ge...
Published: 03/05/15

Plan B

Suggestions - mainly from this space - that his commitment to the Ridge Road extension project has gone wobbly are incorrect, says Pasco Commissioner Jack Mariano. The District 5 commissioner says he has an idea to get the long-stalled project, which...
Published: 03/05/15

Letters to the editor, March 4

Empty deck
Published: 03/05/15

Votes do matter

In another graphic demonstration of the maxim that elections have consequences, the three Democrats on the five-member Federal Communications Commission went ahead and turned the Internet into a publicly regulated utility. The commission was followin...
Published: 03/05/15

The education of Scott Walker

Scott Walker belongs to an embattled minority that happens to be most of the population. The root of this paradox is that the Republican governor of Wisconsin is an outlier among the political class in not having graduated from college, at the same t...
Published: 03/05/15