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Sunday, Apr 26, 2015
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Letter to the editor, April 4

Punishing success
Published: 04/06/15

Cruz candidacy causing rumbles left and right

As we have discovered since he jetted from the starting blocks as 2016’s first declared presidential candidate, Ted Cruz seems to be a lot of things: scholar, radical (or patriot), genius (or know-it-all), upstart, loner, throwback (or traditio...
Published: 04/06/15

Nimble wins

It has been a bit more than a month since a divided Federal Communications Commission, at the behest of President Barack Obama, voted to impose a regulatory regime on the heretofore-unfettered Internet. Already, some of the backers of the FCC takeove...
Published: 04/06/15

One more Republican ruse

What’s with the right-wing mania for closing government agencies? In announcing his candidacy, Sen. Ted Cruz reiterated his determination to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and scrap the Department of Education and the National Endowment ...
Published: 04/06/15

Thankfully rare

Last week’s aviation disaster in Europe, in which the co-pilot of a Germanwings A-320 jetliner was able to fly the plane into the side of a mountain in the French Alps, sparked an immediate reaction meant to reduce the risk of a similar tragedy...
Published: 04/06/15

Solar power plan a goodies grab

As a practical matter, I have no beef with what activist Florida sun worshippers say they are out to achieve: a world in which you could have a solar-electricity array installed on your roof that, besides serving your household needs, your neighbors ...
Published: 04/06/15

Letters to the editor, April 1

No on charter
Published: 04/06/15

Think twice about ‘boots on the ground’

Are you seriously crazy? Well, at least two-thirds of you. An NBC News/Marist poll found 66 percent of Americans now support putting combat troops on the ground in Iraq to fight ISIS.
Published: 04/06/15

The Senate GOP 47 have no shame

Joseph Nye Welch was the head council for the United States Army under investigation during Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s Army-McCarthy hearings. McCarthy grilled a young Harvard lawyer. Welch commented to McCarthy, “Until this moment, Senator, ...
Published: 03/31/15

Taking the pledge

Who said people in government can’t work together? No, we don’t mean President Barack Obama and the prime minister of Israel. No, we’re talking about the troubled dealings between Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco and County Administrator M...
Published: 03/31/15