Friday, Oct 24, 2014
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Something new?

After Kurt Browning trounced Heather Fiorentino in the 2012 Republican superintendent of schools primary — assuring he would win the job because his only general election opponent was a write-in candidate — one of his first acts was to na...
Published: 10/15/14

Letters to the editor, Oct. 15

No appeal
Published: 10/15/14

A second look at Obamacare

Here's the thing. You either believe that in the richest nation on Earth everyone deserves to have adequate health care coverage, just like K-12 education and first-responder protection and like the citizens of every other Western democracy. Or you d...
Published: 10/15/14

Memo to liberals: Che’s not the way

It's almost impossible to walk onto a college campus anywhere in this country and not spot a student wearing a Che Guevara shirt in solidarity with the disenfranchised of the world. What is more troubling, pathetic, and even a bit creepy, is that som...
Published: 10/15/14

Different time

The Florida Public Service Commission has ordered Duke Energy to drop next year the $3.45-a-month charge on customers' bills that was supposed to help pay for the construction of a two-unit nuclear generating complex in Levy County that Progress Ener...
Published: 10/10/14

Letters to the editor, Oct. 11

No disappointment
Published: 10/10/14

Crist has courage to make tough choices

The worldwide economy was in free fall in early 2009, and Florida was among the places hardest hit.
Published: 10/10/14

Scott has record of reliable performance

Even Rick Scott's fondest supporters concede he's not the guy you feature on the showroom floor. He's the model out in the lot the salesman takes you to see once you've explained your needs and checked off the must-have options, the durable ride that...
Published: 10/10/14

Letters to the editor, Oct. 8

Muddied waters  
Published: 10/09/14

Correct — alas

In early September, infectious disease experts from around the nation, including the University of Florida, released a study that concluded it was “likely inevitable” the outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever spreading quickly through weste...
Published: 10/09/14

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