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Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015
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GOP’s inequality concerns are bogus

Well blow my socks off. Look who’s talking about income inequality and middle-class wage stagnation. Republicans. Not all Republicans mind you, just the ones who want to be president.
Published: 02/19/15

Obama engages

Well, sort of.
Published: 02/13/15

Letters to the editor, Feb. 14

Stop obsessing
Published: 02/13/15

I wonder what the GOP is doing tonight

When King Arthur is about to marry Guinevere in the musical “Camelot,” the song notes, “I wonder what the king is doing tonight.” A good question to those who built their house of cards selling the “Big Government is Bad...
Published: 02/13/15

Berkeley’s disgraceful divestment resolution

Most maps show that California is part of the United States. That would make, by a fairly airtight chain of reasoning, the University of California also part of the United States.
Published: 02/13/15


People who criticize the immigration policies of the United States and the enforcement of those policies by the federal government say they are not opposed to people coming to this country. What they want, they say, is that people who come to this co...
Published: 02/12/15

Obama squanders another teachable moment

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama's eyebrow-arching remarks last week at the National Prayer Breakfast, is there a Christian minister anywhere who didn't immediately feed Sunday's half-finished sermon to the shredder? I mean, how could any o...
Published: 02/12/15

Letters to the editor, Feb. 11

Heat source ignored
Published: 02/12/15

Liberals have rediscovered evil

Where is Chris Kyle when you need him? The late hero of the movie “American Sniper” made no apology for killing as many members of al-Qaida in Iraq, the precursor of ISIS, as he could get in his rifle sights. ...
Published: 02/12/15

Right approach

Rightly or wrongly, Mississippi has a bit of an antebellum Deep South throwback feel. The Magnolia State, as the New York Times reported Thursday, however, has something to brag about: Its kindergarten students have the nation's highest vaccination r...
Published: 02/10/15