Wednesday, Nov 26, 2014
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Letters to the editor, Nov. 12

Thanks, Marty
Published: 11/18/14

Finally, the Ebola ‘crisis’ has ended

One good thing about the elections being over, I mean besides the negative ads, the infuriating robo-calls and the desperate politicians pitifully seeking employment, is that the Ebola crisis has ended. ...
Published: 11/18/14

Letters to the editor, Nov. 8

Little vote fraud
Published: 11/10/14

Negative lesson

As late as last Monday afternoon, CNN was rating Rick Scott's chances of being re-elected governor of Florida at 37 percent. Early Tuesday U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, was confidently predicting Repu...
Published: 11/10/14

OK, now let’s see their second act

Well, Republicans finally got what they've yearned for. A 2012 book by Robert Draper, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives,” provides details of a dinner meeting on the evening of the 2009 Inaugural during...
Published: 11/10/14

From all sides

Going into the final phase of balloting in the gubernatorial race between incumbent Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist, the outcome of which was not known when this was written, The Tampa Tribune estimates the race would cost around $150 m...
Published: 11/07/14

Echoes of the 1964 election still heard

Monday was the 50th anniversary of the 1964 presidential election, where Americans made a “choice, not an echo” between Sen. Barry Goldwater and President Lyndon B. Johnson. Voters had distinct political choices that are still relevant to...
Published: 11/07/14

Chuck vs. the conventional narrative

No one to this point had doubted that Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is black. His great-great-grandfather was a slave emancipated after the Civil War. His grandfather was president of Norfolk State University, a histo...
Published: 11/07/14

How did ‘moderate” become a dirty word?

It's a big story every election cycle when people say how much they hate all the negative advertising on television, but it never stops. When it seemed politics couldn't get nastier, along came Rick Scott and Charlie Crist to hijack your TV sets with...
Published: 11/04/14

Letters to the editor, Nov. 5

More for Fasano
Published: 11/04/14

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