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Saturday, Jul 04, 2015
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Letters to the editor, June 10

Big sell-out
Updated one month ago

Politically correct liberals devour their own

Northwestern University professor Laura Kipnis didn’t set out to become a martyr to free speech when she wrote a spirited essay in The Chronicle of Higher Education pushing back against “sexual paranoia” on college campuses. To stir...
Updated one month ago

Bernie Sanders’ Scandinavian socialism

Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. senator from Vermont, has announced he is running for the Democratic nomination for president. Many will ask “Bernie who?” And when they find out many will gasp that he is a self-described socialist. ...
Updated one month ago

We’ll take it

Pasco Property Appraiser Mike Wells announced last week the total value to property in the county ticked up again last year. That continues the streak of rising assessments that began in 2012. It wasn’t a big increase, as things used to go, but...
Updated one month ago

Letters to the editor, June 3

Laughs and lies
Updated one month ago

Hope they’re right

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season starts Monday, and the folks at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are forecasting a below-normal season. There is a 70 percent likelihood of only six to 11 storms, three to six hurricanes and two o...
Updated one month ago

Letters to the editor, May 30

Media lie
Updated one month ago

Sidney Blumenthal honing his ax for Hillary

Charity Navigator should make this an informal rule: If your charity is employing Sidney Blumenthal, it automatically goes on the watch list. The ethical controversies around Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have often seemed 1990s redux, a...
Updated one month ago

Another lie from those who gave us Iraq

Last week Jeb Bush stumbled through an easy answer to the question of whether “knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the (2003 Iraq) invasion?” After five tries over four days he finally got right what every other GOP presid...
Updated one month ago

Adding up

The battle over the Ridge Road extension, 14 years and counting, rages on, and the money to wage the battle continues to flow. Last week, the Pasco County Commission voted to pay another $261,500 to Dawson & Associates. The Washington, D.C.-based...
Updated one month ago