Friday, Aug 22, 2014
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The leadership vacuum on Capitol Hill

When, as a people, do we admit we are leaderless? What are the final tipping points that wake us to the fact that Washington is populated by people who look out for themselves first, their party second, and the people last? ...
Published: 08/20/14

Food stamps versus tax shelters

The prevailing notion of what poor people are like goes like this: They make bad life choices; can't control their urges; are shiftless and most likely druggies; and often reliant on others to give meaning to their lives. ...
Published: 08/20/14

Calm amid chaos

Turmoil is cutting a wide swath across the Middle East. Israel has been battling Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Libya continues to be in the grip of Post-Qaddafi chaos. A maniacal group of fanatics has seized large portions of Syria and Iraq, declared it a...
Published: 08/20/14

Letters to the editor, Aug. 20

Community first
Published: 08/20/14

Pasco gasoline price gap no mystery

Late into a meeting of Republican rivals for two Pasco County Commission seats, Bob Robertson decided to change the subject. Never mind taxes and impact fees and gun-show loopholes. Producing from the fold of his wallet the evening's only visual aid ...
Published: 08/15/14

Looming impact

On Tuesday, consultants from CGL, a Miami-based company that plans, designs, constructs and manages correctional, criminal justice and government facilities, told commissioners the tab for building a planned court complex in the Land O' Lakes area wo...
Published: 08/15/14

Letters to the editor, Aug. 16

They’re not paying
Published: 08/15/14

Nixon’s the one all right!

Forty years after his ignoble resignation in the face of impeachment Richard Nixon's shameful legacy lives on. No, it's not Watergate and the related cover-up. It's Nixon's politics of race-baiting, contempt and bigotry known as his Southern Strategy...
Published: 08/15/14

Wanting something better not hatin’

If you haven't been following the news, you might not know whether the bon mot “Stop just hatin' all the time” was uttered by a character on the ABC Family show “Pretty Little Liars” or by the president of the United States. ...
Published: 08/14/14

Amnesia needed

With the 2014-2015 school year starting next week, the Pasco School District has plenty of challenges to confront. So we continue to wonder after the debate over how Pasco schools should recognize academic excellence. It would appear we have a soluti...
Published: 08/14/14

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