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Tuesday, Jun 30, 2015
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Easy targets

We have long been fascinated by the federal government’s inability to avoid falling off the trailing edge of technological innovation. Over the years we’ve passed along stories of how the technology in use at agencies such as the Federal ...
Published: 06/23/15

Jeb has a fight on his hands

The last time Jeb Bush ran for office, it was 13 years ago. Barack Obama was serving in the Illinois state Senate. No one had heard of Obamacare or the tea party, and wouldn’t for years. It was before the invasion of Iraq, before Hurricane Katr...
Published: 06/23/15

Letters to the editor, June 24

Sunshine hypocrisy
Published: 06/23/15

Letters to the editor, June 17

All deserve better
Published: 06/16/15

Change of position

In 2009, in one of his earliest foreign policy decisions, President Barack Obama canceled plans for a missile defense system the governments of Poland and the Czech Republic had agreed to have stationed on their soil. The move was part of what the Ob...
Published: 06/16/15

Let’s let God have some peace

The Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the Rev. Billy Graham, has been instructing the Supreme Court justices on their duty to adhere to biblical standards in determining the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, authoritatively citing what are essential...
Published: 06/16/15

Nothing major

Last week the Environmental Protection Agency released its long-awaited study on the pollution danger posed by the oil and natural gas drilling technique known as fracking. In general, the EPA, in its 1,000-page report, concluded that fracking poses ...
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Letters to the editor, June 10

Big sell-out
Updated one month ago

Politically correct liberals devour their own

Northwestern University professor Laura Kipnis didn’t set out to become a martyr to free speech when she wrote a spirited essay in The Chronicle of Higher Education pushing back against “sexual paranoia” on college campuses. To stir...
Updated one month ago

Bernie Sanders’ Scandinavian socialism

Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. senator from Vermont, has announced he is running for the Democratic nomination for president. Many will ask “Bernie who?” And when they find out many will gasp that he is a self-described socialist. ...
Updated one month ago