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Friday, Mar 27, 2015
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Tom Cotton drops the truth bomb

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton hasn't been frog-marched from the Russell Senate Office Building - yet. To believe the Arkansan's harshest critics, that's only because felonious traitors don't get the punishment they deserve. ...
Published: 03/25/15

Silly climate

Climate change. We repeat, climate change. Once more, with feeling, climate change.
Published: 03/25/15

Letters to the editor, March 25

Try it on
Published: 03/25/15

Minorities marginalized by Pasco charter board picks

Nationally and here in Florida, the Republican Party is working hard to prevent black folk from taking part in the voting process, by, among other things, implementing voter ID laws, reducing early voting, stopping "Souls to the Polls" minority voter...
Published: 03/25/15

Time matters

The first bill approved during the 2015 legislative session sets March 15 as the date of the 2016 Republican presidential preference primary. Why does that matter? Because under Republican National Committee rules, March 15 is the earliest date the F...
Published: 03/23/15

Not ready for Hillary — never will be

You won’t often find me agreeing with conservative columnist Rich Lowry, but his column “It’s the same old Clinton questions” was spot on.
Published: 03/23/15

Nocco thinks the plot on charter government

Regarding how Pasco County should conduct its business going forward, it seems, suddenly, the last couple of months of tumult have been mere, and mild, prelude.
Published: 03/23/15

Letters to the editor, March 21

Hot air
Published: 03/23/15

Letters to the editor, March 18

Limited empowerment
Published: 03/19/15

Going public

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco and state Rep. Richard Corcoran, R-Land O' Lakes, are two of the most vocal advocates of a charter form of government that would include an elected county mayor or executive. The sheriff has now has made crystal clear what h...
Published: 03/19/15