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Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015
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It’s really just black and white

Thelma and Louise should be appalled. Almost 25 years after their epic road movie attacked “conventional patterns of chauvinist male behavior toward females,” in the words of one critic, here arrives “Fifty Shades of Grey,” pe...
Published: 02/25/15

Tear down grocery store liquor wall

While I was shopping at my local Publix, there was one customer ahead of me at the lottery terminal when the machine went dead — probably a result of overheated Powerball demand.
Published: 02/25/15

Letters to the editor, Feb. 25

Legal kidnapping
Published: 02/25/15

Ridge Road flinch

For years, Pasco County officials, elected and otherwise, have shown commendable resolve when it comes to the Ridge Road extension. With the county about to launch, with the aid of a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm, another attempt to win appr...
Published: 02/25/15

The tide turns

There are many immutable truths. One is that the tide goes in and the tide goes out. Another is that the latest fad in the effort to “improve” public education is here one year and gone the next. It is with those ideas in mind that we n...
Published: 02/23/15

Graduate medical education needs updating

America is suffering from a shortage of primary care physicians. And with the national patient population expanding and fewer doctors choosing to be generalists, the shortfall is only getting worse. By 2020, there will be a shortage of an estimated 4...
Published: 02/23/15

Micromanaging student sexual conduct

The behavior nannies are at it again. California passed a law requiring all state colleges that receive public funds for student financial assistance to establish an “affirmative consent standard” for parties engaged in sexual activity. ...
Published: 02/23/15

Still a mystery

The race for the most inexplicable solution in search of a problem is neck and neck. In one corner is the Federal Communications Commission's innovation-killing bid to turn the Internet into a government-regulated public utility. In the other corner ...
Published: 02/19/15

Honesty on the comeback trail

Honesty is enjoying a boomlet lately, which is both encouraging and, well, peculiar.
Published: 02/19/15

Letters to the editor, Feb. 18

Be heard
Published: 02/19/15