Thursday, Nov 27, 2014
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Ring of truth

This is the open enrollment period for health insurance, so it's time to take another look at the Affordable Care Act of 2010. According to news accounts, the website, which people can use to sign up for health insurance, has recovered...
Updated: 11 hours ago

Stupidity, lies, and videotape

Lies and promises have been a staple of politics since its inception. As Plato observed, “propaganda, that is, 'enticing people into a change of opinion by promises of pleasure' and deceit always go together.” ...
Updated: 11 hours ago

Letters to the editor, Nov. 22

Act on sinkholes
Updated: 11 hours ago

The definition of a ‘low information voter’

A new poll by U.K.-based Ipsos MORI, one of the largest market research and data-polling organizations in the world, illustrates just how wrong people are in their assumptions about some very critical social issues. The global survey “Perceptio...
Updated: 11 hours ago

Be careful

After what happened last week, Pasco County officials are probably wondering, “Was it something we said?” They most certainly got a lesson in what comes of riling federal regulators, especially during the Obama administration. ...
Published: 11/20/14

Seinfeld’s autism revelation not about nothing

Jerry Seinfeld’s recent disclosure that he thinks he has autism created quite a stir in the autism world and beyond.
Published: 11/20/14

Letters to the editor, Nov. 19

Get over it
Published: 11/20/14

Obama’s graceless immigration blackmail

In a fit of postelection modesty, President Barack Obama is offering not to take executive action to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants — provided Republicans do his bidding on immigration. ...
Published: 11/20/14

Letters to the editor, Nov. 15

Vote fraud real
Published: 11/18/14

The mantle of change up for grabs

For Democrats, 2008 feels long ago. A party that rode the Obama wave to historic congressional majorities is now saddled with a president who was the hot new thing six years ago. Its agenda tends to be picayune or pointless, and its new generation of...
Published: 11/18/14

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