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Sunday, Apr 26, 2015
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Letters to the editor, April 22

Warning flag
Published: 04/22/15

Recycling blues

Pasco County’s recycling program was a response to a mandate from the state that counties and cities reduce their stream of solid waste either going straight into landfills or being incinerated. The blue bag system the county chose — st...
Published: 04/22/15

Hillary’s joyless march to power

You can never know what that wacky Hillary Clinton will do next. At the outset of her latest presidential campaign, she decided to drive from New York to Iowa for her first campaign stop. Or, to be more precise, she decided to be driven to Iowa by a ...
Published: 04/21/15

Atlanta test scandal a teachable moment

For years, Atlanta public school students were victims of abuse at the hands of educators. They weren’t crimes of a sexual nature like many that have occurred around here, but even so the transgressions were shocking and offensive. ...
Published: 04/21/15

Good news — but

There is still a bit of time before the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season has its official June 1 kickoff. The atmospheric science experts at Colorado State University, however, have jumped in with a prediction of a less-than-average number of storms th...
Published: 04/20/15

Letters to the editor, April 18

Crooked state
Published: 04/20/15

Rand Paul, finally a voice of reason on the right

You might not expect me to be rooting for Sen. Rand Paul — he’s alarming both Democrats and Republicans — but I am.
Published: 04/20/15

Being Republican enough for Pasco

Just how Republican do you have to be to be Republican enough?
Published: 04/20/15

Narcissistic reaction to Iran deal

As Americans are ingesting the news of a possible breakthrough on the Iranian nuclear talks there are plenty of details available, but the most important aspect keeps getting obscured: We weren’t the only one at the table. ...
Published: 04/20/15

End it

Last week the Pinellas County Commission gave County Attorney Jim Bennett permission to continue a pointless skirmish that is an unfortunate echo of the “water wars” that divided Suncoast counties and cities for years. That’s the ba...
Published: 04/20/15