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Thursday, Jul 30, 2015
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Library throws chocolate party for teens and preteens

Special to The Suncoast News


NEW PORT RICHEY — Valentine’s Day is past and many people consumed their body weight in chocolate. But who needs a special holiday as an excuse to devour the sweet confection?

Regency Park Branch Library gathered up enough chocolate to feed the whole town — or at least a bunch of teenagers — and threw a recent chocolate party. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.

About 25 teens in grades 6-12 formed two teams for the series of challenges.

The first event was an Oreo eating race, where two members of each team had to eat as many, or finish, an entire package of America’s favorite cookie.

A chocolate identification test required a blindfolded member from each team to guess the identity of each chocolate bar.

The team contest involved a ball of duct tape that held many chocolate bars. While one player unrolled the tape to get as much chocolate as possible, the next team player had to roll dice. When they rolled doubles, they got their chance with the duct tape ball.

A chocolate trivia quiz had 25 multiple-choice questions about chocolate bars and their history.

The youths also got to guess how many peanut M&Ms were in a jar to win the jar of goodies, as well as a large Symphony chocolate bar.

In the M&M whipped cream contest, Kati Roxby and Kayla Fletcher had two minutes to stick their face in a plate full of whipped cream, and try to find the M&M’s inside and put them into a mug.

Kati is a volunteer at the Regency Park branch, as well as an attendee to many of the teen programs.

“I decided to come here today because I volunteer here and I really like chocolate,” Kati laughed. “When you’re here, you meet a lot of friends, and a lot of people who have the same interests as you, and the same qualities.”

She also had a bit of advice. “Don’t ever put your face in a plate of whipped cream, and then try to eat it,” she said.

Jake Hammers, the teen event director at Regency Park, has worked at the library for a year and a half. “It’s always a learning experience. I think getting to speak and learn about the next generation helps me develop as an adult and an event director.”

Events at the library are free and have a wide range of activities. “It gives back to the community and gives their kids a safe place that is both fun and educational,” Hammers said.

Coming events for the Regency Park Library include anime club on Feb. 26, as well as Game Zone on Feb. 28. To find out more, call (727) 861-3049. Also check out the event calendar at