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Hacienda fixes could cost up to $2 million, engineers say


NEW PORT RICHEY — An estimate of up to $2 million to fix the Hacienda hotel building could impact plans to renovate and reopen the landmark at Main and Bank streets, according to city officials ponder.

Structural engineering firm McKim &Creed submitted its 82-page structural analysis last week, Mario Iezzoni, the city’s economic development manager, said.

Two bidders for the Hacienda project, Legacy Lodging LLC and Florida Motel Inc., have until Friday, April 4, to respond on how they might want to proceed, city records show.

“I provided the study to the two proposers” with PDF copies, Iezzoni wrote last Friday in an email. “I haven’t heard back from the proposers. I’m sure they want some time to digest the report.”

City council members were scheduled to discuss the Hacienda project at their April 1 meeting. The engineering firm intended to send representatives to help answer any questions Tuesday night about the structural analysis. That discussion took place after deadline.

Structural repairs could cost between $1 million to $2 million, according to McKim & Creed estimates. The Hacienda first opened to hotel guests in 1927. The engineers believe the building with almost 22,000 square feet was constructed in 1922.

Among 90 photos in the report, pictures detail defects to the fascia on the east side of the lounge roof, water damage to the ceiling of a second-floor balcony above the lounge area, damage in room 18 with a crack on an exterior brick wall and window sill problems, and many other flaws.

“Based on our observation of the building, there are substantial structural repairs necessary to return the building to habitable condition,” according to the executive summary in the report.

“This report will aid the proposers in deciding if development of the Hacienda as a boutique hotel is economically feasible,” Iezzoni wrote in a memo to city council.

In January, executives of Legacy Lodging, based in Birmingham, Ala., indicated they would seek new market and historical tax credits to get the project off the ground, according to a previous memo from Iezzoni.

Florida Motel owner Abraham Rosner said he would bypass tax credits and raise private capital to get the Hacienda project off to a much faster start.

But structural repair costs could change the equation for bidders.

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