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Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015
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Letters to the editor, Oct. 27 Our Readers
Published:   |   Updated: May 16, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Be informed

As a registered Republican I was appalled by the advertisement from the Pasco County Republican Party published in your Oct. 20 edition. The ad suggested that on Nov. 6 voters vote yes on all the state constitutional amendments and no on the retention of the three Florida Supreme Court Justices on the 2012 General Election ballot.

I would hope that when you go to vote, you fully comprehend each amendment, and if not, please vote no. If you feel strongly about voting yes for any of the amendments, please do so because you understand its ramifications.

The adverse effects of the approval of any of these amendments on our county and state are too great a risk to waste your uncertainty on.

Please make an informed decision when you vote this year and do not be a part of the "Repub-lemming Party" because of their advertising in any media.

Mark DeRaedt

New Port Richey

Desperate figments

Rich Lowry, in his Oct. 20 op-ed page column "Obama's Big Bird-Brained Attack," launched his own bird-brained attack on our president. His verbose diatribe started sputtering almost immediately, as he added more and more to his already over-the-top complaint.

Comparing President Obama to Joseph McCarthy displayed Lowry's desperate attempt to come up with more figments of his overactive imagination. The ludicrous method he employed to roast our president wasn't even laughable. The guy needs to go back to Journalism 101 and relearn how to write.

Most of his remarks were nonsensical and preposterous. We live in a country, thank goodness, where we can differ with our politicians. I'm afraid, however, Lowry wasted his column in a frivolous attempt.

Lilyan Dayton

New Port Richey

Dump Penny

Say no to renewing the Penny for Pasco. The tax would bring in money for schools soon to be replaced by online schooling and the voucher system. This is excessive. The money from the Penny for Pasco that went to county streets makes us look like Dogpatch. This was a veritable disaster. On the state constitutional amendments, vote yes on 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 11.

Fred Palensar