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Letters to the editor, Nov. 10

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Published:   |   Updated: May 16, 2013 at 08:58 PM

Republican Rich

Op-ed page columnist Rich Lowry is strictly Republican. No matter what President Barack Obama says, Rich says it is wrong. It is a wonder that Lowry didn't blame the president for Superstorm Sandy. Lowry and the other Republicans blame the president for everything.

During the campaign, Republicans criticized President Obama for not sending troops to Libya. If that was needed, they should have started with the sons of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. None were ever in service to our great country.

Frank Sessa


Recount needed

The Nov. 7 op-ed page commentary "Puerto Rican Vote Should Be Documented," by Miami Herald columnist Guillermo I. Martínez, said that 76 percent of Cuban-Americans in Dade County were likely to vote for Mitt Romney and 19 percent for President Obama. At the same time, I read in the Tampa Tribune that the unofficial voting returns from Miami-Dade County were 283,325 for Mitt Romney and 473,520 for President Barack Obama — almost 200,000 more votes for Obama.

I can't help but wonder where those 200,000 votes came from, in a county that helped to elect Marco Rubio. I'm also glad to see that Allen West is calling for a recount. He is a good man who is fighting for conservative Americans and we need more like him in our government.

Paulette Spaay


Pretty vacant

We are the dumbest society on the planet. When given the choice for real change, we vote for more of the same.

Two of the things that have made America the greatest country in the world are our right to vote and freedom of the press. But when the press self-imposes censorship to advance one candidate, our right to vote becomes tainted. When the press only publishes the stories that benefit one side, the government's, it starts to look a lot like propaganda. Wake up America.

When our debt keeps climbing at $1 trillion-plus per year, what do we do when the takers outnumber the workers? When the 47 percent becomes 60 percent, do we start selling off pieces of the country? I wonder what oil-rich North Dakota or Alaska might be worth. Are we stupid enough to think that at some point in time, China is not going to want to cash in?

I guess the last generation was much smarter; they gave Jimmy Carter only one chance.

Lydia Blotta



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