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Letters to the editor, Dec. 6 Our Readers
Published:   |   Updated: May 16, 2013 at 09:33 PM

Review needed

In his Nov. 29 op-ed page column, Marty Moore pointed out the disparity in federal vs. private industry pay and benefit plans. The figures suggested an average salary difference of roughly $30,796 annually or around $2,566.33 a month between federal and privately employed individuals. If similar work is being performed, would that mean the government worker receives more than 50 percent more in salary alone than the private industry counterpart?

This article also refers to federally funded benefits for (all?) federal employees vs. the around 60 percent health and about 50 percent pension plan participation by private employers. As suggested, with 46 percent of the federal work force being older than 50, the availability of good health and pension options in addition to the salary considerations already discussed is, to me, also worth noting when comparing total compensation.

In an effort to find the financial resources to cover our future financial obligations, without callous disregard to past effort and employer loyalty, maybe a review of federal employment practices and plans should be included in any fiscal reform.

Rick Nuyttens

Tarpon Springs

Wait and see

Regarding the Nov. 29 letter to the editor by Frederick Roger, I too am a citizen, I too am a four-year veteran of the Vietnam Era, I also do volunteer work in the community to serve my fellow man and I too practice my faith.

In his letter, Mr. Roger calls for everyone to be true Americans and support President Barack Obama. I don't believe that not agreeing with President Obama's policies and not having voted for him makes for an untrue American, as Roger suggests. Some of us who practice our faith make no distinction between our political views and spiritual convictions and allow our faith to guide us in every aspect of our lives, including who we choose to be our leaders in government. For me, a red flag was thrown up when Obama was dubbed "The New Messiah" by his supporters. My Christian faith teaches I already have a Savior or Messiah.

With all due respect, I think it would behoove Mr. Roger to wait and see the results of Obama's policies before he decides who has been a true American.

Len Vivolo

Palm Harbor

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