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Letters to the editor, Dec. 5 Staff
Published:   |   Updated: May 16, 2013 at 09:29 PM

Big nothing

In his Nov. 28 op-ed page column "Nothing inherently noble about compromise," Lloyd Brown showed us why, as the note at the end of his column declares, he's a former newspaper editorial page editor. Brown urged Republicans in Congress not to compromise with President Barack Obama on taxing and spending.

First, if you don't compromise and you do nothing, you can expect to gain nothing. Even if you do the wrong thing and find it won't work, you can correct it.

The Democrats worked so hard to, as Brown put it, "derail" George W. Bush's programs because they were found to be wrong after implementation. Is Brown defending Bush's Iraq WMD claims?

Second, if the Republican Party had recognized its duty to represent its minority constituents, it might not have lost the election by such a large "minority" vote.

Unless the Republicans in Congress learn the lesson of "gaining nothing by doing nothing," America will remain at a standstill. Try being Americans first and members of your party last.

Itzy Friedman

Bayonet Point

Should cry

Frederick Roger wrote in his Nov. 28 letter to the editor he is not crying because President Barack Obama has been re-elected, and told the people who are to stop whining.

Roger mentioned he is veteran and I want to thank him for his service. Obama, however, has already made it clear we are not a Christian nation, so he won't care that Roger attends Mass or that he does God's will during the week.

Rodger should be concerned that Obama is preparing to gut the military in which he served. He should also be concerned that more people are on some sort of public assistance than at any time in our history and Obama has spent $6 trillion in four years but we still have a high unemployment rate.

In addition, Obama is pro-abortion, so how does that fit Roger's spiritual beliefs?

I am an American and have worked since I was 10 years old. I feed and clothe myself and I am not whining, because I am prepared for what this man is going to do to our country.

Are you?

Robert Jonatzke