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Great American Teach-In coming to county schools

Published:   |   Updated: May 16, 2013 at 08:56 PM

Think of it as an expanded version of Career Day.

Parents, business leaders and other interested community members are being sought out to spend a few hours broadening youngsters' horizons as part of the 2012 Great American Teach-In, Nov. 15.

Progress Energy Florida has sponsored the initiative throughout Pinellas County since 1994.

As of that inaugural year in 1994, Pinellas County Schools lists a total of 68,687 volunteers giving 179,525 presentations at elementary, middle and high schools up and down the peninsula. Dropout-prevention programs, exceptional education and alternative schools also are looking for more speakers to volunteer their time.

The program is designed to introduce students to myriad career options, some of which they may not have considered before.

Presenters are offered a number of options when it comes to time of day and amount of time volunteered. Some speakers address classes for an hour and some stick around all day.

Teaching experience is not at all required, just an enthusiasm to share personal and professional experiences, according to an email from Karen Ferrari, Family and Community Liaison at Carwise Middle School, in Palm Harbor.

All schools vary in sizes and that should be considered when choosing sites to give presentations. For example, Ferrari advises applicants to plan for 25 students per classroom, to bring printed or audiovisual materials if possible and to not ask students for any personal information.

Brochures for the Great American Teach-In can be found at all Pinellas County schools and the Pinellas County Schools administration building, 301 Fourth St. SW, Largo.

Participants also are asked to call schools, such as Carwise Elementary at (727) 724-1442, and ask to speak with their Teach-In coordinator. (727) 815-1071


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