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Monday, Aug 03, 2015
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Comic book store expands services in new, larger location

Published:   |   Updated: June 3, 2013 at 01:24 PM

PORT RICHEY - After a successful Free Comic Book Day and numerous customer requests for expanded merchandise lines, owners Steve Baginski and Chris Pobjecky, along with a small army of devoted customers, packed up its merchandise and moved the comic haven down a few stores to a larger shop.

The new location is Yancy St. Comics' third within Port Richey's Gulf View Square and will allow the owners to expand their gaming area for Heroclix tournaments, Magic: The Gathering duels and Dungeons & Dragons games.The store will also carry more tabletop games like Munchin and Dixit, as well as edible merch like the popular Japanese treat Pocky.

Baginskie said plans to move to a larger location have been in the works for a while but he was looking at locations outside of the mall.
"We were going to have to expand but but we were not happy with the spot we were offered so we looked at leaving the mall," Baginskie said.

Then Simplicity, an eclectic home decor store, decided to downsize and the 5,50- square-foot store sandwiched between the Human Society and Dillards was offered to the comic store.

Yancy St. Comics moved into the location last week, opening with all its merchandise in place by Wednesday. Although the store has seen a week-day lull in customers that is typical of the mall's stores, its Facebook page is abuzz with news of the move.
"Congratualtions to Yancy Street and their new store!" wrote local children's book artist Chris Padovano on the store's Facebook timeline. "It is massive, big and bright and a place you can just walk around and admire all the cool stuff! Even with some first day glitches, this is the comic store on Florida's West Coast!"

A team of loyal customers last week showed up to help employees pack and lug boxes over to the new store after Yancy Street posted a friendly request for help online.

"We wouldn't have been able to get this done in a day without them," Baginskie said. "We'd be laying on the ground exhausted."

The store quickly outgrew its last location, located near the north entrance to the mall, after just a year. Before that, they were in an even smaller spot on the opposite side of the ma.. The store originally opened in a 600-square-foot comic shop on State Road 54 and their success has been driven in part to Hollywood superhero blockbusters driving new fans to the original comic books.

"Iron Man 3," based on the Marvel Comics' series, had the second best opening of all time on May 13, netting $174.1 million in theaters. For superhero fans, Yancy Street offers Heroclix tournaments on Friday nights, a tabletop game using miniature figures from the worlds of DC and Marvel pitted against one another in superhero version of chess.

The store also plans to start up Friday Night Magic again and will soon become re-certified as a "Core Store," which will allow it to hold midnight release parties and tournaments. The store sells pre-made decks and booster packs but will also expand to single card sales.

Dungeons & Dragons, a popular role-playing game, will start tonight, as well.
Future expansions of the store include a Kids' Corner, complete with age-appropriate comic books and bean bag chairs for enthusiastic tikes to curl up with a new comic book.

For more information about the comic store and for a schedule of events, visit