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Summertree group renews quest for buyout of private utility

Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014 -

Fearful utility lobbyists might push through adverse state legislation, the Summertree Water Alliance task force is renewing efforts for Pasco County to buy out the private u...

NPR council could revive rental inspection proposal

Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 -

With half of New Port Richey’s homes now rentals, city officials might revive a proposal for a rental inspection program to discourage negligent landlords and...

New mayor wants more NPR Council work sessions

Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 -

On his first night in office, Mayor Rob Marlowe asked his fellow city council members to roll up their sleeves with him by scheduling more work sessions.

Visually impaired youths follow beeping Easter eggs

Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 -

Hearing was believing for children with vision problems at one Easter egg hunt last weekend.

Early education consultants to open preschool in Hudson

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 -

Owners of a startup business hope to apply the early education lessons they have learned to franchise their concepts for preschools.

Pasco Paddlepalooza organizers hope to boost tourism

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 -

Kayakers and other paddle sports enthusiasts can seek paradise in Port Richey for three days during the Pasco Paddlepalooza.

Business incubator to open in NPR by May

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 -

An incubator opening in May will hatch some innovative products and new companies, business leaders hope.

West Pasco man earns community hero honors

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 -

The good deeds of Bob Memoli have not gone unnoticed as city officials have proclaimed him a community hero.

Ending 18-month vacancy, NPR names manager

Monday, Apr 14, 2014 - NEW PORT RICHEY – After searching for about a year and a half, New Port Richey City Council will offer Debbie Manns the city manager’s job.

Dental practice moving to Little Road

Thursday, Apr 10, 2014 - NEW PORT RICHEY — A driveway marking still read “Drive Thru” with an arrow during construction last week at the site of the new office of dentist Vincent J. Monticciolo.

Pasco officials: a big disaster could happen here

Thursday, Apr 10, 2014 - NEW PORT RICHEY — Sixteen minutes. That’s all the notice residents in Moore, Okla., had last year that a powerful tornado was approaching.

Transition begins at YFA as new CEO arrives

Tuesday, Apr 8, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — Mark Wickham’s to-do list was growing longer and longer Thursday as he donned the mantle of president and CEO of Youth and Family Alternatives.

NPR police will reorganize dispatching staff

Tuesday, Apr 8, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — When it gets to the point that an overworked police dispatcher almost cannot take breaks or have time to use the restroom, changes are needed, New Port Richey Police Chief Kim Bogart says.

Bowler remains on 300-game roll at age 79

Tuesday, Apr 8, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — A sign in Edwin Duer’s den declares: “I intend to live forever — so far, so good,”

Illegal dumpers could face $500 fines in NPR

Thursday, Apr 3, 2014 - NEW PORT RICHEY — Don’t tread on me, New Port Richey officials are telling who illegally toss trash, yard clippings, furniture and other large items all over the city instead of taking debris to land...

Repair cost estimates don’t scare off Hacienda bidders

Thursday, Apr 3, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — Potentially high repair costs of up to $2 million did not seem to faze two potential developers for the renovation project to reopen the landmark Hacienda, city officials learned Tuesday night.

Trinity hospital patients, staff enjoy therapy dogs

Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 -

TRINITY — Medical Center of Trinity is welcoming therapy dogs wearing bandanas that say “Please Pet Me.”

Hacienda fixes could cost up to $2 million, engineers say

Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — An estimate of up to $2 million to fix the Hacienda hotel building could impact plans to renovate and reopen the landmark at Main and Bank streets, according to city officials ponder.

Demolition clears PR site for Walmart Neighborhood Market

Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 -

PORT RICHEY — Demolition work has signaled the start of a project to build a Walmart Neighborhood Market at Little and Ridge roads.

PR to lower irrigation rate for four months

Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 -

PORT RICHEY — Irrigation rates will go down over the next four months for Port Richey utility customers.

Commercial building projects sprouting up all over

Thursday, Mar 27, 2014 - NEW PORT RICHEY — Like flowers in full bloom in the springtime, numerous construction projects are sprouting up in the West Pasco area.

Pasco health rankings show slight improvements

Thursday, Mar 27, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — Although some key measures in health rankings for Pasco County improved a bit, there is still plenty of room for progress, officials believe.

NPR council members cheer good financial news

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — City officials likened recent good news on city finances to a ray of sunshine cutting through dark clouds.

Magrill to step down after 37 years leading YFA

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — Jimmy Carter became president, disco music dominated the Top 10 radio airwaves and George Magrill took leadership of the agency that would evolve into Youth and Family Alternatives.

NPR to get final report on condition of Hacienda

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — A report on the soundness of the historic Hacienda hotel building could arrive soon, New Port Richey City Council members learned Tuesday night.

Touting recovery, NPR launches pride offensive

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — Good news travels fast, city officials were hoping as they launched a community pride campaign this week.

Pasco parks adding online reservations, payment system

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — While a virtual world expands in cyberspace, parks and recreation centers remain grounded in non-digital reality. However, that could change to a degree as Pasco County intends to set up an onlin...

Saturday’s Chasco Fiesta street parade to have Mardi Gras flavor

Tuesday, Mar 18, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — Beads, beads and more beads, spectators can see how many beads they can collect while watching the Chasco Fiesta street parade on Saturday afternoon.

EDC to open second business incubator in NPR

Thursday, Mar 13, 2014 - NEW PORT RICHEY — The former post office in New Port Richey could begin deliveries again soon, but this time as an incubator to hatch startup companies.

Public heeds SOS distress call from SPCA Suncoast

Thursday, Mar 13, 2014 - NEW PORT RICHEY — Dogs and cats aren’t able to tell pet owners something is wrong.

PR gets better drinking water numbers

Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014 -

PORT RICHEY — The city’s utilities division got solid marks for water quality, a city official reports, especially on the total dissolved solids yardstick.

NPR council to stream its meetings live

Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — Be kind so city residents don’t have to rewind, technology staff urged New Port Richey City Council members.

NPR reviewing chamber building ownership question

Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — City officials want to confirm exactly who owns the landmark West Pasco Chamber of Commerce building to avoid having two insurance policies on the same property.

Chasco Fiesta adding military fitness event

Thursday, Mar 6, 2014 - NEW PORT RICHEY — Couch warriors who master war videogames will soon get the chance to prove their mettle in the field at Making the Cut.

New chamber hears Pasco animal shelter near no-kill goal

Thursday, Mar 6, 2014 - TRINITY — Cultural change has led many shelters to save as many dogs and cats as possible, Pasco Animal Services Manager Mike Shumate told his Trinity-Odessa Chamber of Commerce audience Wednesday.

One Trick Pony prostitution sting nets 8 arrests

Thursday, Mar 6, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — Prostitution seems to know no boundaries, West Pasco authorities agree, especially along areas of U.S. 19 from Holiday to Hudson.

Early detection crucial in colorectal cancer, doctors say

Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014 -

TRINITY — Perhaps colorectal cancer might not come up as the first topic for conversation at the dinner table. The subject might even serve as the butt of jokes sometimes.

Gallagher says retirement seems to suit him

Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014 -

ELFERS — Like an old shoe, John Gallagher’s former desk still seemed to fit him perfectly, despite months of retirement following more than three decades as Pasco County administrator.

Students recall life and times of George Washington

Thursday, Feb 27, 2014 -

TRINITY — Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! One and all!

Chasco parade organizers seek delay for trash pickup

Thursday, Feb 27, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — With at least 80,000 spectators expected for the 2014 Chasco Fiesta Street Parade on Saturday, March 22, inevitably a lot of trash gets left behind for volunteer crews to pick up.

Calusa wood carving show to feature Vietnamese artist

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014 - HUDSON — An award winning, world-class wood carver and professional artist who came to the United States from his native Vietnam, will showcase his creations as the feature carver for Calusa Wood Carver's ...

All Sports Arena plans $100,000 in upgrades

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014 -

NEW PORT RICHEY — The site for an international ball hockey tournament, All Sports Arena has started the ball rolling for about $100,000 in upgrades to the building.

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